Tyra Banks shows off a fuller body in a leotard on her 48th birthday


The ‘America’s Next Top Model’ creator proudly flaunts her curves in new Instagram photos as she celebrates her 48th birthday on social media.

Tyra Banks is proud of her body. The “America’s Next Top ModelThe designer has gained weight and she’s been making no effort to hide it as she flaunts her fuller body in new Instagram photos. The star is makeup-free as she slips into a flower-patterned leotard .

Tyra turned 48 on December 4 and the photos have been released to mark her big day. “It’s my birthday!” she wrote in her caption. “And every year my BODY keeps changing. My work body and my ody ody body. My body is fuller. And so is my mind.”

She added, “Happy birthday to all my fellow Sagittarius. Here’s to growing together, in more ways than one.”

Unfortunately, her birthday was marred by rumors that she might be fired from “Dancing with the starsafter hosting the show for two seasons. According to The Sun, TV bosses are looking for a new host following low ratings. They hope to sign “at least one big star” for the next episode.

Season 30, which recently concluded, featured the likes of Olivia Jade, JoJo Siwa, jimmy allen, Brian Austin Green, Amanda Kloots, Imane Shumpertand Suni Lee among the competitors.

Tyra Banks came under scrutiny last season for some of her awkward interactions with contestants. In one episode, she chased Olivia Jade after she was eliminated. In another episode, the host made grumpy comments after an ill Suni Lee rushed off stage to vomit after her performance.

When the contestant returned to the stage, Tyra said, “Suni, I gotta ask you. I know you’ve been struggling all day and, like, man, you’re throwing up. It’s live TV and you ran off !”

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