Tour operator Detur announces bankruptcy


The Turkish tour operator Detur Global has announced its bankruptcy following the announcement in September 2022 of an operational shutdown.

Detur’s Swedish page,, released a statement saying:

“The road back for the travel industry has proven to be longer and more difficult than expected. The solar vacation market is not recovering as previously assessed. The shadow after the pandemic has not really lifted, the war in Ukraine affected the desire to travel and there were fewer people who wanted or could travel, which reduced the clientele and at the same time pushed the prices of the travel market to a low level, even in high season difficult to estimate jet fuel costs put the company in such a position that management was forced to declare that it no longer made sense to pursue reorganization, recapitalization or alternative sale efforts and unfortunately has to announce that Detur is forced to file for bankruptcy.

About refunds

For travelers who obtain and have had their trip cancelled, reimbursement of the amount paid, if they paid by debit or credit card, can be made by disputing the amount with the issuing bank, which is usually a longer route. short with the fastest processing time. .

They can also request reimbursement of the travel guarantee via the Kammarkollegiet or by submitting their claims to the trustee in bankruptcy and awaiting their process and processing time, which is generally longer. The Chamber of Commerce today states on its website that it “has a high workload and therefore the processing time is longer than normal, currently around 4-6 months”.


Detur was taken over by new owners at the end of 2020 with the vision of ensuring a bright future for the company and its employees. Work to streamline operations and modernize the organization began immediately, and when the pandemic restrictions on travel ended, the company was able to resume operations and once again offer affordable, quality solar vacations.

Given the difficulties and challenges facing the industry and the company, the decision was previously made to suspend travel for the remainder of 2022, implement organizational changes and add new capital, d ‘alternatively introduce new owners with the required conditions and resume operations in 2023. Unfortunately, the companies behind the debit and credit cards have decided to suspend payments and as majority payments consisted of payments via precisely this type of means of payment, the liquidity situation has become acute and the respite necessary for the measures planned to ensure survival has been eroded.

Being forced to make this decision has been heavy and difficult and we truly regret the inconvenience this has caused. Not only for the customers who have booked a long-awaited trip to the sun, but also for all our staff who have worked so hard for Detur and who now face an uncertain future. »


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