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Trava Finance is the world’s first decentralized marketplace for cross-chain lending, providing a flexible mechanism for users to create and manage their loan pools by setting their parameters. With these revolutionary features, Trava has changed the way lending operations are conducted in the crypto world these days, as other lending platforms only have one lending pool with rigid rules defined by themselves.

Trava – The revolutionary loan protocol

Trava aims to provide users with optimal lending functions by supporting lending service users through on-chain data analysis mechanisms. Currently, Trava Finance is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), allowing loans with BSC tokens in the initial stages and cross-chain loans available thereafter.

Additionally, as an innovative lending platform with a long-term vision of diversifying loan forms, the Trava team offers players NFTs Renting Service, which acts as a peer-to-peer rental platform. peer.

Respond to current DTV concerns

Nowadays, a growing trend in the NFT industry is for projects to embrace the community benefits that come with owning their tokens. Hence, players also want to keep possession of valuable NFT to make huge profit.

The Trava team aims to revolutionize the thriving gaming industry to win by providing the ability for owners to monetize their inactive digital assets in the game without selling them. Specifically, Trava provides a pool and marketplace where players can deposit and list their spare NFTs to lend for a specific amount of time. The fundamental principle of this system is that the ownership of these TVNs cannot be transferred without the permission of the owners. On the other hand, the advent of the Trava rental service also opens up the possibility for borrowers to temporarily use NFTs with small funds to make a profit if they do not wish to buy or are not for sale.

Trava’s future scope is to integrate the NFT rental service into multiple gaming platforms to earn for the benefit of the players. As a first step, Trava partnered and integrated the NFT rental function for the Kawaii Islands. This NFT Winning Game creates a fantasy cloud universe for multiplayer to experience simulation games.

Sharing this partnership, CTO and co-founder of Trava Finance, Mr. Thang Nguyen said: “It is a combination of Defi and Gamefi to open a new horizon. We believe that this partnership can prove how NFTs are used in TRAVA Lending Ecosystem and demonstrate the unique utilities the team brings to users. ”

To celebrate this milestone, there will be an NFT staking program with attractive incentives for first-time players. Details will be announced soon on official Trava channels.

Currently Trava has launched a market where users can rent their NFTs. This brings great significance to Trava and its users. Trava welcomes the cooperation with the Gamefi and NFT projects, making it a diverse market with many advantages for users.

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