The diabetes management application, Klinio, is selected by the insurer Cigna as a finalist of the Cigna Innovation Challenge 2021


Healthcare and insurance provider, Cigna, names diabetes management app, Klinio, a finalist for its 2021 Cigna Innovation Challenge.

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – New York City, New York December 14, 2021 ( – Healthcare and insurance provider, Cigna, has named diabetes management app, Klinio, as a finalist of its Cigna Innovation Challenge 2021.

Nutritionists, physicians and fitness professionals collaborated at Klinio, creating a personalized, science-based solution for the management of diabetes and prediabetes.

Klinio is a personalized diabetes tracking and management app that helps patients improve their condition by providing meal plans, monitoring their carb intake, and recommending healthy recipes to better manage and track their weight and blood sugar. Klinio stands out from other diabetes apps with its holistic approach that helps create lasting behavior change.

Cigna partners with innovation center and incubator MATTER to identify three industry leaders transforming diabetes solutions.

Dr. Braden Barnett, Klinio’s endocrinologist and medical advisor, said this recognition by Cigna and MATTER will give Klinio more resources for clinical research, new content while creating a better user experience with the app that offers better patient outcomes.

“Cigna is a healthcare giant and MATTER is known for identifying the best healthcare tech startups that are creating change, so being recognized by them reinforces how Klinio makes a difference for all diabetes patients.” , Barnett said. “In all of medicine – regardless of specialty – we can all improve outcomes faster when we work together to find solutions.”

Dr. Jeffrey Klein, Cigna Medical Executive and Innovation Challenge Mentor, said the goal of the accelerator program is to create new pilot opportunities with Cigna.

“Providing mentorship to these companies is one of the ways Cigna can help advance new ideas in diabetes quickly,” Klein said. “As a physician, I recognize many of the factors that influence diabetes, particularly how the social and behavioral determinants of health contribute to how people manage their care. It’s exciting to work with entrepreneurs who are looking to make positive changes in this area.

Other Cigna Innovation Challenge 2021 finalists include:

GlucosePATH – helps patients find affordable and effective treatments for type 2 diabetes.

Neap – a mindful diabetes management platform that uses psychologist-approved techniques to help manage diabetes-related stress.

Pack Health – an evidence-based patient engagement platform that changes health behaviors to close gaps in care and improve outcomes such as tackling chronic diseases, comorbidities and social determinants.

SNAQ – helps people living with diabetes take the guesswork out of meal decisions.

Viora Health – HIPAA-compliant solution leverages data, behavioral science, and community resources to proactively address health inequities perpetuated by social and behavioral determinants before they drive health progression illness and episodic costs.

About Klinio – Diabetes Management App

Nutritionists, doctors and fitness professionals collaborated on Klinio to create a personalized and engaging program. The independent body Validation Institute, findings recently validated by Kilo Health that found that patients with type 2 diabetes who used Klinio for at least 19 days over 2.5 months were twice as likely to reduce their absolute HbA1c value by 0.59 %.

The data also revealed that users were twice as likely to achieve clinically meaningful improvement as users who had fewer connections. A change of 0.5 is considered a significant change in a person’s health status and is accepted by the Food and Drug Administration.

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