Tendring Council unveils plans for more Tetra Pak recycling banks


SPECIFIC food packaging will soon be able to be recycled in even more districts of Tendring following the installation of six new recycling banks.

Tetra Pak, produced by a Swedish-Swiss company, is used for products such as juice packs and Pringles tubes.

Due to its paper, plastic and aluminum composition, it requires specialized treatment to be recycled.

In an effort to facilitate this, Tendring Council is funding six new banks to enable residents to responsibly dispose of equipment.

Additional Tetra Pak bins are located at Alresford Parish Council, Bradfield Parish Council, Brightlingsea Co-Op and Great Bentley Cricket Pavilion.

They can also be found at Barrack Lane, Harwich and the station car park, Walton, in addition to existing locations at Morrisons stores at Centenary Way, Clacton and Europa Way, Parkeston; and Manningtree Co-Op and Brightlingsea Community Center.

Michael Talbot, Tendring city councilor responsible for the environment, said: “We know people are looking for ways to do more to help the environment.

“So putting in place measures like this, which make it easier for people to recycle commonly used products, will help with that.

“So please come and use these sites – their location means it’s also easy to partner with other trips so you don’t increase your carbon footprint. ”

“Recycling, however, is only one way to protect the environment, and we also encourage people to think about how they can reduce and reuse products as well.”

Mr Talbot added that due to the specialized nature of the material it was not possible to incorporate this part of a curbside collection – but that by introducing the new banks it should reduce contamination. other recycled waste.


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