Stephen Colbert imagines Tucker Carlson as a Russian asset, even the Russians don’t believe him


Stephen Colbert opened Monday’s “The Late Show” by bluntly portraying Fox News star Tucker Carlson as a Russian propaganda asset. But in Colbert’s version of events, even Russian state media lackeys couldn’t help but laugh at “Tucker Carlson’s” unconvincing way of lying for Vladimir Putin.

The inspiration for the joke is that Russian state-run television began using snippets of what Tucker said on his Fox News show as part of its pro-Ukraine invasion propaganda.

This includes: Frequently promoting the theory of US-funded biological weapons labs in Ukraine; a theory that US elites secretly tried to induce Russia to go to war, implying that the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine is actually America’s fault; and even insinuating that one of his own Fox News colleagues might be lying on behalf of the US government.

So the cold-open clip begins like they all do — with a TV news supercut explaining the gag. Then came the joke, a clip from a Russian state media news program, with fake subtitles suggesting the show is announcing a new correspondent, Tucker Carlson. Then came a clip from the Fox News show of Tucker, in which he claimed that the Biden administration had abused COVID safety rules in order to assume “war powers” (this is completely, obviously untrue) and that sanctions punishing Russia for its unprovoked war crimes in Ukraine are effectively “all-out economic warfare against a sovereign country.”

Then the clip reverted to a Russian TV presenter who mocked this part of “all-out economic warfare”. And the mistranslation: “Is this the best we can do to spread our lies?” He looks like a laundry bag with a traumatic brain injury. A constipated piñata. The before photo in an advertisement for a brain transplant. Exactly. He looks like a man with his penis stuck in a car door.

Watch the clip in the link below:


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