! Spanish News Today – Compulsory insurance for electric scooters in Spain just around the corner, experts say


Publication date: 24/10/2022

Insurance costs for VMPs in Spain should vary between 18 and 100 euros per year

The question of insurance for personal mobility vehicles (VMP) has been on the table for some time and now seems to be getting closer according to Pere Navarro of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), who recently stated that “insurance mandatory for electric scooters will soon be required.

On this basis, the international insurance mentor and founder of the MAIO method, Rafael Bonilla, is 100% convinced that compulsory insurance is fast approaching, not only for scooters, but for all VMPs.

According to Spanish law, a VMP is classified as a one or more wheeled vehicle equipped with a single seat and propelled exclusively by electric motors that can provide the vehicle with a maximum speed of between 6 and 25 km/h.

Mr Bonilla is convinced that it is “very important that the policy be compulsory as soon as possible”, because by design insurance is intended to protect us and our property.

What many people don’t know, however, is that electric scooter insurance policies already exist in Spain, and range between just 18 and 100 euros per year and offer a wide range of cover, from simple civil liability to damages. complete.

Additionally, there are several home and auto policies on the market that also include scooters.

“Each policy must be studied with regard to VMP cover, since many of them exclude any motor vehicle and generally limit it to a maximum capital to be indemnified (for example, 120,000 euros)”, explained the expert.

And, unlike normal car insurance in Spain, it is usually the person who is covered in this case, not the vehicle.

In any case, given the continued popularity of this mode of transport in Spain and the dangers associated with the use of electric scooters, it is probably safe to assume that insurance will become compulsory in the very near future.

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