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STOCKHOLM, November 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Have you ever dreamed of being a professional trader or managing an investment fund, but think your location or the lack of education in the Ivy League is holding you back? The democratization of financial markets is accelerating and this enterprise takes it to a whole new level. Asset management company Scandinavian capital markets has launched its Funded Traders program, providing capital to traders who can achieve a simple exercise, regardless of their education or location.

Internet connectivity, easy access to educational resources, and technological innovation make location and qualifications unimportant. You don’t need to be in new York Where London be a fund manager or trader for an asset management company. Forex and cryptocurrency trading is not taught in universities. Therefore, this opportunity is open to everyone, regardless of your level of education or location.

The funded merchant program, recently launched by Scandinavian Capital Markets, offers up to $ 1,000,000 in financing. To be accepted into the program, traders must pass a simple assessment that demonstrates their trading skills.

Scandinavian Capital Markets started out as an asset management company aimed at high net worth investors looking for managed investment opportunities in the forex market. In recent years, Scandinavian Capital Markets has focused on making its boutique trading services more inclusive. The most recent initiative allows any trader to try and become a trader for the financial management division of Scandinavian Capital Markets.

“Some of the most profitable traders in the world are not based on Wall Street or Canary Wharf; they work from their homes, hundreds or even thousands of kilometers from major financial centers. We are looking for the best traders. there to improve our portfolio of strategies ”, commented Jamie Saettele, Chief Technical Analyst at Scandinavian Capital Markets.

The valuation requires traders to generate 10% profit without exceeding a 4% daily loss or 5% account withdrawal. There is no deadline to complete the assessment. When a trader passes the assessment, he or she receives at least $ 25,000 to manage. If their account is performing very well, as much as $ 1,000,000 will be allocated, increasing their opportunity to earn performance fees.

Traders accepted into the program will manage the capital of Scandinavian Capital Markets and its investors. Profitable traders keep 75% of the profits generated on the accounts. Traders who are consistently profitable with company capital will also be eligible to trade larger amounts of capital and become truly professional asset managers.

Each trader is encouraged to register for an assessment. There is no limit to how often traders can take a review, and failures will not impact eligibility once they are successful. Interested traders can find out more about the funded trader program at company website.

Scandinavian Capital Markets provides clients with a gateway to the highly desirable Swedish forex trading environment providing traders with state-of-the-art trading infrastructure, the best possible trading conditions, and access to a trader’s dashboard to monitor market indicators. key performance and benefits. The company is authorized and registered with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finansinspektionen, registration number 80438).

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