SafetyWing raises $35M to expand health insurance services for remote work


remote worker health insurance SafetyWing has raised $35 million in a Series B funding round.

The startup offers companies health insurance products for their teleworkers and digital nomads, who are often on their own when it comes to finding health coverage.

SafetyWing will use the funding to develop its flagship product Remote Health and create a “global social safety net”. Series B was led by Swedish investment company Kinnevik.

“SafetyWing was launched because we could see that while remote teams are global, the infrastructure that supports them, like the social safety net, is not,” said Sondre Rasch, CEO of SafetyWing. “We built it because we, as digital nomads and with a remote team, needed it ourselves, and we realized we weren’t alone.”

In the future, SafetyWing hopes to add other services such as a remote doctor and a remote retirement, thereby expanding the social safety net for these professionals.

“Companies are fighting hard to attract the best candidates, which is quickly showing employers the importance of offering remote workers more than just a competitive salary,” said Tatiana Shalalvand, director of investments at Kinnevik.

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