Q3 2021 PE Loans League Interactive Charts


The ranking of the most active lenders in PE for the third quarter of 2021 is now available. At PitchBook, we’re always striving to find new and hopefully better ways to present useful data, so we’ve created an interactive set of charts so you can more easily navigate through comprehensive rankings or find faster the specific table you want.

Additionally, you can click on company names to drill down into a company’s public PitchBook profile and explore their high-level stats. (As only public PitchBook profiles are available, we recommend that clients log into their account after identifying the firms they wish to review in order to view full firm activity.)

Last but not least, as a reminder, in 2021 we expanded the scope of these rankings, including transactions with European companies, as well as changing the methodology to include additional agent types. (The table that describes certain roles in transactions includes the following roles: bookrunners, lead arrangers, mandated lead arrangers and agents only.)

Please note that we will maintain these permanent rankings in order to maintain a history of this quarter’s activity. We will also note if an update needs to take place due to an error on this page.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions about how to submit your relevant transactions for review, or if you have other specific questions regarding the tables below. (*Note: Some roles only include the following: bookrunners, lead arrangers, commissioned lead arrangers, and all types of agents specifically listed in PitchBook.)


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