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January 5, 2022

jaris is a private-label Credit-as-a-Service (CaaS) platform that makes it easy for payment software vendors to offer branded financial services to small businesses to drive acquisition and help grow customer loyalty. engagement, retention and brand loyalty. Fully managed by jaris and accessible through an innovative API, jaris partners can rapidly provide competitive and fast financial services to their merchants. jaris is a complete solutions company that includes underwriting, servicing and financing. Large funding capacity through banks and full loan buyers makes it the trusted solution for integrated loans.

Democratize access to capital

Jaris’ mission is to democratize and simplify access to capital for small and medium-sized businesses through partnerships with payment software publishers. Small businesses are the backbone of our communities, representing 99.9% of all American companies. Yet more than half of small businesses report unmet credit needs due to outdated traditional underwriting models focused on historical data. Jaris’ unique ability to focus on the overall health of a business and its use of alternative data provides a flexible underwriting model that can reach more businesses.

Additionally, jaris has redesigned the complex and inefficient application process of traditional loans to provide a simple and streamlined experience within the payment partner’s existing dashboard. By leveraging data from the existing platform, applicants can complete an application with a few quick clicks, a process that typically takes just minutes, with funds available the next business day.

The Tech Space Insider

Chris Aristides is the founder and CEO of jaris. He has spent nearly eighteen years in the public and private markets in the equity and credit industries. During this time, he worked extensively on building infrastructure and realized a point in the technology stack where the financial application layer needed to be addressed. Chris quickly realized that advances in FinTech infrastructure could solve the long-term lending problem of underwriting and distribution for smaller businesses. With this goal, Chris and his team have focused on his mission to provide the widest range of capital at scale by partnering with payment software vendors to reach small merchants.

Unify lending solutions for all types of businesses

Prior to Jaris, software vendors and payment platforms lacked the options and choice to offer integrated loans to their customers. Integrated lending solutions provide mutual benefit to payment partners and their small and medium business customers. In addition to providing broader access to capital for small and medium businesses, payment partners benefit from a new service offering, resulting in a new source of revenue and a more competitive offer to earn and retain. small business customers. Additionally, payment partners benefit from increased customer engagement in their existing dashboards and increased customer retention.

Jaris works closely with payment partners as an extension of their team to create customized lending solutions that best meet their customers’ needs, further penetrating their customer base.

Interweaving partnerships to enable best-in-class financial services

jaris is currently the leading integrated financial services lender in the United States. With a proprietary technology stack producing a truly unique capital supply chain, jaris is positioned to continue innovating and leading the integrated lending market for years to come.

jaris recently partnered with SpotOn to launch SpotOn Capital and has extended over $350 million in loan offerings in the first nine months of his partnership. Additionally, they have experienced a loan renewal rate of over 80%, with companies using the funds for growth investments and short-term cash flow needs.

A roadmap for the future

Integrated finance plays a central role in the distribution of financial services. He is creating a new generation of innovative financial products, and Jaris believes companies need to take advantage of integrated financing solutions to stay competitive in their market and monetize their customer base. Additionally, by enabling businesses of all sizes to provide capital, jaris dramatically increases access to and distribution of capital to small businesses. Jaris will continue to innovate on integrated finance products to expand its capital reach and drive financial inclusion.

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