Onyx IQ launches its end-to-end alternative lending platform


NEW YORK, July 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Onyx IQ has announced the launch of its data-driven alternative lending software.

Designed for SME lenders looking to transition from complex legacy loan management systems to state-of-the-art agile technology, the cloud-based lending platform is set to change the game of SME lending. By providing lenders with a single platform from which to monitor every critical process, Onyx IQ enables alternative lenders to more effectively manage all of their lending activities.

The platform enables lenders and funders to streamline their lending workflows, intelligently accelerating the verification and decision-making processes they depend on to minimize risk and close deals. Instead of having to work around the bottlenecks typical of legacy systems, lenders benefit from the speed and efficiency of full loan automation.

Small business credit stakeholders – from business owners to partners to senior executives – will see a flood of benefits as their teams work smarter, faster and easier. From underwriting to collections, the Onyx IQ platform touches every role, simplifies daily tasks and helps organizations save a lot of time and money.

Onyx IQ reduces complexity, eliminates repetitive tasks, and better allocates loan resources through end-to-end collaborative process management.

“As a fintech company with specialized industry experience, we are focused on giving small business lenders the tools to revolutionize the way they work,” said Elisabeth Schuermann, Vice President of Sales at Onyx IQ. “Lenders will start getting better results, faster, with processes that traditionally take days and are now done in just a few clicks. We are excited to help small business lenders grow and scale, and we We look forward to transforming the SME lending industry with a full-service platform that automates and improves key elements of the lending process.”

Additional features of the Onyx IQ alternative lending platform include:

  • Advanced automation in every pillar of the lending ecosystem to make lending decisions easily, securely, and with the speed customers demand.
  • Data-driven decision making for more robust risk management. Small business lenders can avoid dubious data analytics and improve workflow efficiency.
  • Optimized stakeholder collaboration through advanced APIs, improving productivity and bringing all stakeholders together for a unified loan management process.
  • Security and compliance at the heart of the platform. With multi-factor authentication, role-based security, and data encryption, lenders can rest assured that their data is fully protected.

Onyx IQ’s cloud-based lending software can be customized to meet the unique operational requirements of each SME lender so that all lending activities can be managed effortlessly and securely within a single platform solution .

With predefined workflows for underwriting, customizable dashboards, communication templates for collections, automatic syndication fund updates, real-time performance data, and more, it also offers a suite advanced features. Pre-integration with the entire partner ecosystem required by an SME lender completes all aspects of the lending process. Onyx IQ partners with the best in the industry to guarantee its users exceptional service and features. Finally, an aggressive product roadmap makes it easy for SMB lenders to take advantage of the latest features and integrations.

About Onyx IQ: Onyx IQ is a full-service technology platform built by lenders for lenders. Created in 2017, Onyx IQ was created by Jay Keller, CEO of Wall Street Funding, after finding that the market lacked a robust lending platform with all the features and functionality it needed. Today, Onyx IQ’s cloud-based solution can be rapidly delivered in just weeks, allowing you to quickly and easily realize the benefits of the platform.

For more information, please call or text Liz Schuerman at 980-613-6304, or by email [email protected].



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