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Publication date: 28/10/2022

The Superior Court of Justice of the Region of Murcia (TSJRM) has rejected an appeal in favor of a special statute

One of the most traditional and tasty specialties of Murcia, the meat pie, or meat pastelwill not be protected and declared Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC).

Despite its place in the hearts of Murcians and growing calls for the dish to be officially recognized with this distinction, the Region of Murcia’s Superior Court of Justice rejected an appeal by promoters after an earlier bid was rejected. by the Ministry of Education and Culture. .

The TSJRM judged that the pie was not linked to any kind of social or festive tradition and was “not talismanic either”.

“There is no element to catalog the meat pie as an intangible good, it is not part of any ritual or custom, nor is it a symbol of identity or social activity, and does not permeate not areas of regional life,” the court said. .

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Magistrate María Esperanza Sánchez de la Vega, went on to point out that the meat pastel “is not accredited and does not meet the legal requirements to initiate the protection of the meat pie as an intangible BIC”.

During the hearing, reference was made to a report by the Ministry’s Historical Heritage Service, published in October 2019, which said essentially the same thing – the pie “is not linked to any kind of social or festive celebration”. . However, during the Feasts of the Primavera, just after Easter, a whole day in honor of the meat pie is organized in Murcia where 15,000 of them are distributed free of charge to visitors and residents.

BIC’s offer was initially rejected by the Directorate General of Cultural Heritage in July 2019 and appealed in March 2022. The unsuccessful appeal emphasized that the meat pie “is as much part of a ritual as cider or Valencian paella, which had been declared BIC”.

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