Mumbai police solve more cybercrime cases than ever


Cybercriminals are usually convinced that they cannot be traced or tracked, which explains the impunity with which they commit such crimes, reflects Rashmi Karandikar, DCP head of Mumbai Police Cyber ​​Cell .

Cybercriminals know, says Dr. Rashmi Karandikar, that police would have no CCTV footage to fall back on or look at history sheets for clues. They are also careful not to use their personal phones and take other measures to avoid detection. But the detection of cybercrimes by the Mumbai police, she points out, has risen from around 20% to 60%.

She and her team made headlines after tracking down the culprits responsible for exploiting the Bulli Bai app, used to upload more than 100 photographs of Muslim women, including one of a judge’s wife of the High Court, for a ‘mock’ online auction in January. 1, 2022. Mumbai Police have solved the case in record time after their Delhi counterparts failed to make a breakthrough in similar controversy over Sulli Deals app.

Karandikar, who holds a bachelor of science in statistics and a doctorate in sociology, recalls that as head of the Cyber ​​Cell, his first case involved sextortion. The culprits were luring young women during lockdown to film for their YouTube channel, tempting them with breaks from the film industry. Some were coerced or persuaded to pose for compromising videos. A few were then blackmailed into paying money.


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