Moritz Seider promises to be an asset to Detroit Red Wings


Looking back, when the Detroit Red Wings selected Moritz SeiderI was sitting on a boat with my dad on a lake in northern Michigan. The notification came to my phone, and I remember sitting there talking to my dad about “who the hell is this guy?” As we drifted.

Now, years later, I’ve become very attached to the German defenseman Steve Yzerman picked out of the script in his first draft as general manager of the Detroit Red Wings. He took the organization by storm.

While the pandemic certainly didn’t help anything, Seider made the most of it and moved on to the Swedish Hockey League (SHL), where he tore things up and ended up winning the defender of the year award.

When the 2021-22 season finally arrived, he had the opportunity to stay with the Red Wings roster and join the team’s defensive core as a regular member. He was able to hang on and play his role incredibly well.

Detroit Red Wings defenseman Moritz Seider quickly proved himself.

As the Red Wings continue their season, Seider is finding ways to impress. Seider truly began to become the player the Red Wings hoped he was looking for. As the Red Wings hoped, Seider is becoming a real force for the team’s defensive core.

This weekend alone, he managed to bury a timekeeper for an overtime goal that looked magnificent and helped the Red Wings to their fifth straight victory. Here is the goal:

During the season, Seider played 25 games where he recorded three goals and 14 assists for a total of 17 points this season. He even leads the Red Wings defenseman in points total with 17 points this season.

Seider is also in the team’s top five in points this season, where he has the fourth most and is behind Tyler Bertuzzi, who has 18 points. He might just be able to catch up with Bertuzzi since the team’s winger is currently out due to COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

The Red Wings have exceptional talent when it comes to Seider. He’s done a lot of things already, even in his short time in the league. Yzerman stepped out of the script, and it surely worked for the Red Wings.

The future is bright, not even just thanks to Seider. There’s a lot of excitement about Lucas Raymond too, and the two, along with the rest of the surrounding cast, are planning an exciting future together.


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