Kiwi SafeStack Academy cybersecurity training platform completes New Zealand $ 2.3 million seed cycle


New Zealand cybersecurity training company SafeStack Academy has raised a NZ $ 2.3 million funding round.

The increase was led by Sydney VC Jelix Ventures alongside trans-Tasman investors including Carthona Capital, NZ VC K1W1 and the nation’s growth capital fund, NZGCP.

The cash injection will seek to capitalize on the startup’s initial traction, including reaching nearly NZ $ 500,000 ARR in its first year of operation, with a customer base of 57 companies in six countries.

Founder and CEO Laura Bell launched SafeStack Academy in September 2020. It is an online training platform offering flexible and secure development training for teams and individuals, as well as security and privacy awareness training.

Bell is a cybersec expert and co-author of Agile application security and Safety for everyone.

SafeStack has a subscription-based model – billed per learner, per year – to make it easier for businesses to engage in cybersecurity early on, regardless of size or budget.

It also offers security and privacy awareness training to help companies develop their teams on essentials like ransomware, phishing, and data management.

Bell said that instead of targeting specific languages ​​and technologies, SafeStack teaches secure design and architecture practices that integrate earlier in the software development lifecycle.

“With around 30 million software development professionals worldwide, growing to around 1.2 million per year, this space is growing at an astonishing rate,” she said.

“This is a critical time for security education, as we see illustrated by the increase in security incidents in all regions of the world. It’s more important than ever to build security from the start if we are to protect our data, systems and people.

To do this, she assembled a predominantly female team of 14 people operating remotely in New Zealand and Australia.

Together, they built a learning system that combines world-class training, hands-on labs, and a dedicated community to facilitate and secure the early integration of security into development processes, seek help, and find solutions. alternative approaches to common problems.

Andrea Gardiner, CEO of Jelix Ventures, said a global shift for developers to build security from the start is underway and SafeStack has the solution for that momentum.

“By providing a powerful way to build the skills of development teams to do this, Safestack Academy is riding this wave,” she said.

“At Jelix, we are proud to support Laura and her team in achieving their mission to be the global leader in secure software development training.

New Zealand e-commerce platform Trade Me was one of the first clients of the SafeStack Academy.

Security chief Kate Pearce said cybersecurity is about making people grow and supporting culture.

“The implementation of SafeStack Academy training leads to a safer business, enhanced security of our products and our customer data, and ultimately supports Trade Me’s position as one of the most trusted brands of our country, ”she said.

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