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RIYADH: AEON Strategy, a consulting firm founded by Princess Noura bint Turki Al-Saud and Princess Mashael Saud Al-Shalan, aims to lead Saudi Arabia towards a more sustainable future by designing policies that create and sustain benefits for economy, ecology and society.
As part of its mission, the company focuses on sustainable development through social, economic and ecological well-being through policy design and project management.
Their strategic and political design will facilitate ideal alternatives for environmental sustainability that are compatible with the surrounding environment.
“Within the Arab community, especially people working in sustainability, there is so much knowledge that our ancestors had. As Arabs, by definition, we have always been sustainable,” Princess Mashael Saud Al-Shalan, founding partner of AEON Strategy, told Arab News.
Aligning its vision with this philosophy of sustainability, the company has implemented a project management system which, through thorough planning and customization of each project to its surrounding ecosystem, creates suitable solutions that preserve the environment. .
“As Saudis and as Muslims, we are brought up in our own religion to be constantly sustainable. We are one of the first religions to plan wars around not cutting down trees, being kind to animals and the elders who were here before us,” she added.

Green ambitions

A catalytic development fueling this sustainability momentum is Saudi Arabia’s shift from overreliance on oil for revenue to environmental sustainability. As the world attempts to reduce fossil fuel use and carbon emissions, the Saudi government is stepping up its policies to diversify its economy.
Five years after the launch of the national reform program “Vision 2030”, the Kingdom is on a war footing to move the region towards a more ecologically sustainable society.
Steps include investing in renewable energy, especially solar power, reducing household energy and oil consumption, and promoting carbon capture technology.

Need for micro-sustainability

“We have put more and more effort into very ambitious policies, helping to push the ambition of climate policy in the Kingdom, things like the circular carbon economy,” Princess Mashael said on the aspirations of the company to create a positive impact on the economy and the environment. .
AEON Strategy co-founder Princess Noura bint Turki Al-Saud further highlighted the importance of micro-sustainability. For the consultancy, micro-sustainability is the accumulation of environmental activities at the individual level which, combined, can have a substantial environmental impact.
“I would say you need to work on yourself before you look around. If you are not sustainable as a human being, I think it becomes very difficult for you to project sustainability onto everyone,” Princess Noura said.
“We are evolving day by day, always making adjustments where necessary. We talk about sustainability, and a big part of sustainability is resilience, and we like to apply that to our own personal and professional lives,” she said while adding that individual effort, changing habits and attitudinal adjustments towards recycling and energy-efficiency at the household level will go a long way to bringing about lasting change.


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