Invesco integrates a mixed fund into a sustainable strategy


Invesco has merged one of its mixed-asset strategies into a sustainability-focused fund, Citywire Selector has learned.

The merged €42m Invesco Global Conservative A EUR Acc fund was overseen by Martin Kolrep, who also manages the €22m Invesco Sustainable Allc A Acc EUR fund with Manuela von Ditfurth.

A company spokesperson confirmed the decision, adding that the investment team wanted to put more emphasis on ESG. The Sustainable Allocation fund complies with article 8 and has received the Febelfin label.

The Invesco Global Conservative fund currently ranks 857th out of 1,107 funds in Citywire’s Mixed Assets – Conservative EUR sector.

It has returned 1.7% over the past three years to the end of February, which compares to 5.4% for an average manager in the sector.

Over the past year, the fund ranked 88th out of 1,272 strategies and returned 3.6%.

According to data from Morningstar, the Invesco Global Conservative fund has seen outflows in recent months, having lost more than 20 million euros in 2021.

Meanwhile, receiver fund Invesco Sustainable Allocation, launched in late 2017, has delivered a total return of 19% over the past three years, compared to 12.1% for an average manager in Citywire’s Mixed Assets – Balance EUR sector. The fund ranks 216th out of 1,211 industry strategies.

Over the past year, the fund has returned 7.9%, compared to 2.5% for an average manager in the sector.


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