Hindsite workplace training startup raises $ 3.25 million



The Hindsite micro-training platform has landed a funding round of $ 3.25 million as it seeks to increase its global potential.

360 Trading founder Matt Kuppe, Ironbridge Capital’s Greg Ruddock, Terry Hartan and Duncan Alexander led the round, which values ​​the company at $ 18 million.

Previous funders include angel investor ACAC Innovation, as well as friends and family, as part of a pre-seed fundraiser in 2018.

Builder worker turned software expert as a service expert, Doug Hastings, founded the company in 2017 after building a successful technology career at RedEye Apps and Go1.

He was inspired by the Hollywood blockbuster The matrix –where Neo learns kung fu – to create the training version of the industry so people can learn organized skills in the real world via video.

Realizing that much of the wisdom in the workplace lies with experts approaching retirement, Hastings is on a mission to record that understanding before they leave.

Hindsite’s smart, portable and purpose-built platform ensures that company knowledge and skills are retained in the face of staff changes and communication barriers.

The software is deployed on industry-specific wearable devices – such as RealWear and Google Glass – capturing the user’s perspective on how they apply their skills in the as-built environment. It can also be used on smartphones, tablets and laptops. TPhoto and video-based “micro-learnings” enable remote mentoring video calls to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Hastings built the platform to transcribe and translate all of its content into over 70 languages.

“Subject matter experts are able to capture and preserve valuable, real and skilled knowledge that the right person can access at the right time,” he said.

“It’s literally that person on the ground, doing what they do best, capturing nuanced and intrinsic knowledge that only they know, while telling, geolocating and making it available to everyone. the company. ”

His passion for using smart technology to improve on-site training comes from his experiences two decades ago.

“I was working in my first job as a laborer, but I found it difficult to perform it safely because I did not have the innate skills – and I was not taught – those of my colleagues.” , did he declare.

“I moved into the tech industry, but knew I wanted to come back to my idea at some point. “

Hindsite was born when Hastings sat at the kitchen table with his wife and said he wanted to start the business.

“She told me to go, so I sold my beloved yellow Ducati motorcycle and put all of our savings into Hindsite and the rest is history,” he said.

The seed increase saw him hire former Microsoft Teams chief Dominic Williamson as the company’s technical co-founder and chief technology officer.

Williamson was a key part of the Microsoft Teams engineering team and was responsible for its adoption in the US and UK, before leading the platform’s growth in Asia, India and the Middle. East.

Hastings said the use of seed funding was for more strategic hires, as well as growing its international customer base and investing in R&D.

Hastings said Hindsite has more than 500 million potential users in mining, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, utilities and field services alone.

Former Tanda executive Liam Scanlan, who joined as co-founder and COO in 2020, said the company’s product is a game-changer for these industries.

“The skills shortages facing businesses in these sectors are not going to go away,” he said.

“People are expected to become subject matter experts to do their jobs, but often their employers do not have the resources to enable them to acquire the required knowledge in a safe, efficient and timely manner. ”



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