Försäkringskassan (Swedish Social Insurance Agency) expands into Wihlborgs premises in Malmö


Of April 1, 2023, Försäkringskassan will expand Wihlborgs’ Kranen 8 property in Dockan by 3,000 m². At the same time, the lease will be extended for six years.

In 2016, Försäkringskassan decided to co-locate several of its operations on Wihlborgs’ Kranen 8 property. From next year, Försäkringskassan will move additional operations to its premises so that the total lease encompasses 15,000 m². As part of the expansion, the lease will be extended for six years.

Kranen 8, which is Kockum’s former underwater hall from the 1960s, has been transformed into a modern office environment housing restaurants, an auditorium and a penthouse for meetings and conferences. The building has been certified Miljöbyggnad Silver.

“Försäkringskassan is an important tenant for us and we are delighted to be able to offer more space in an exciting environment. We have already completed the internal renovations but have retained the setting and the industrial atmosphere which relates to the history of the building. “, declares Ulrika HallengrenCEO of Wihlborgs.

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For more information, please contact:Ulrika HallengrenCEO: +46 40 690 57 95Pierre Olsonregional manager, +46 40 690 57 62

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