Donkeys can be an asset, Paneer of their milk sells for Rs.80,000 per kg


The most expensive paneer in the world: PANEER – A rich source of protein especially for vegetarians. Be it Palak Paneer, Khadai Paneer or Paneer Bhurji, we cannot deny that Indian cottage cheese is a common item found in every Indian household.
But what if one day you wake up and find that this particular ‘common item’ costs almost Rs 80,000 per kg. (Yes, it’s true!)
Well, it’s not the story of every other paneer, but an expensive luxury called Pule that’s produced in Serbia is said to be the most expensive Paneer in the world (Say What?)

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What makes this Paneer so expensive?

Well, the fact that it’s made from donkey’s milk, which is apparently the tastiest and healthiest, is what makes it so expensive!

Moreover, this milk can only be found in the Zasavica Nature Reserve, Serbia. Retail sale at €1,000 (approximately Rs 80.00).
And the biggest shocker, well, each kg of the most expensive paneer in the world requires 25 liters of milk to make.

While donkey’s milk is an exclusive source of cheese, it is loaded with protein and has a huge number of good properties.

Benefits of donkey milk

So, do you know that this milk has wonderful properties and has the ability to reduce stomach related diseases? Diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. And it’s not just that, this milk acts as a boon to boost the growth of good bacteria in the stomach. This milk is also good for the bones and if you are someone who wants to get that flawless skin, then donkey milk is the answer. As it has been shown to have anti-aging and healing properties which can prevent excessive redness as well as wrinkles.

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Other expensive cottage cheese

So, other expensive cheeses include a Swedish moose cheese which costs around 630 per kilogram.

Then there is Caciocavallo Podolico (An Exclusive). A cheese is produced from the milk of a rare Italian cow breed that only produces milk in May and June.

So, are you ready to try the most expensive Paneer in the world?

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