Digital Asset Management Company Uses Clarifai to Learn How a Leading DAM Vendor Improved Metadata Markup Capability for Its Clients


Digital Asset Management Company Uses Clarifai to Learn How a Leading DAM Vendor Improved Metadata Markup Capability for Its Clients

by Analytics Insight

January 26, 2022

Clarifai’s deep learning AI technology helped digital asset management company improve its platform


A renowned Swiss digital asset management company wants to use AI to improve its asset management platform. Their goal was to help B2B clients successfully manage their assets and save valuable time. The Digital Asset Management business intended to help its clients by improving the ability to tag and categorize material to improve discoverability during the critical research phase. They were well aware that their consumers were struggling to find the right information and were wasting significant time searching in vain. Often the media is labeled by an individual who has a different perspective than another. One person may label an image with “diver”, while another may simply label it with “diver”. The company’s goal was to automate the asset tagging process and improve how user photos are tagged and categorized to drive operational efficiency and improve user experience.


To speed up the metadata markup process and increase accuracy, the company turned to Clarifai’s computer vision and AI machine learning platform. The Digital Asset Management business conducted tests with various AI vendors, and Clarifai came out on top in terms of accuracy, ease of use, and the company’s high level of service. Clarifai decided to invest in its computer vision and deep learning platform after seeing the performance of its pre-trained generic model. Thanks to the automatic creation of metadata, the company can now automatically tag its material. Clarifai’s AI-assisted tagging generates tagging recommendations that human data annotators would overlook. This improves the quality of tagging and classification of digital assets, making it easier for users to discover files.


As a result, they now spend less time labeling their visual assets. Clarifai’s deep learning AI technology has helped the company improve its platform by clearly recognizing the content of images and videos, making it easier and faster for customers to use its content management platform. digital assets.

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