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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Cibik Law, PC is now open to new clients in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Bankruptcy lawyers accept new clients in financial difficulty. As one of the leading bankruptcy law firms in the region, borrowers with huge debts can trust them to use their years of experience and knowledge to their advantage.

Announcing their willingness to welcome new clients, the law firm’s spokesperson reiterated that Cibik Law, PC approaches each case diligently. Borrowers who are up to their necks in debt can expect personalized legal service designed to analyze their current debt situation and recommend solutions. The lawyers understand that bankruptcy is not the only solution to consider, so they explore other appropriate options, if necessary.

Borrowers who are fed up with constant harassing calls, wage garnishments, threats of seizure and other creditor actions can schedule a consultation meeting with the bankruptcy lawyer to start. During the counseling meeting, borrowers will have the chance to meet with their attorney, discuss their debt situation, and determine the next course of action. The bankruptcy attorney will offer an honest assessment of the borrower’s financial situation and make appropriate recommendations.

the philadelphia bankruptcy attorney offers help with filing for Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy. Customers with high levels of debt but who have no way to repay their debts can enjoy the benefits of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Describing this approach, l senior counsel for the law firm said, “Chapter 7 bankruptcies are often referred to as liquidation bankruptcies. After you file your petition, the court will liquidate your assets and use the money from the sales to pay your creditors. However, you will not have to sell all of your assets. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney can help you properly file for an exemption so you can keep your home, automobile, some real estate, qualified retirement savings, and some of your personal assets. At the end of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the majority of your debts will be eliminated.

Bankruptcy attorneys also help with Chapter 13 bankruptcy, also known as debt restructuring. With a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, borrowers can enjoy a more flexible repayment plan without the crippling effects of high interest rates.

Schedule a consultation meeting with bankruptcy attorneys to learn more about debt forgiveness options and how to proceed. Cibik Law, PC is located at 1500 Walnut Street, Suite 900, Philadelphia, PA 19102 USA, and can be reached by telephone at (215) 735-1060. For more information, visit their website.

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