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Gathering and comparing pet insurance quotes is the best way to find the right coverage for you and your pet. You can usually get free quotes from insurers’ websites, comparison sites, or directly from your current insurance provider. While it’s easy to focus on cost and type of coverage, it’s worth exploring the additional benefits that come with each plan.

Here are some benefits that are worth checking out.

Waiting times

When you purchase a pet plan, you can assume that your coverage begins immediately. This is not the case. All pet insurance companies make you wait a certain amount of time before your benefits begin. Wait times vary by insurance company. For example, some companies apply a waiting period of 2 days in the event of an accident, while others apply a waiting period of 14 days in the event of an accident.

Also look for extended waiting periods for cruciate ligament conditions or hip dysplasia.

Exam fees

Vets typically charge a fee when they see your pet to determine what’s wrong with them. These fees can cost up to $100 or more, and some pet insurance companies won’t cover them. Look for pet policies that include these charges as part of the coverage.


You may want to research companies that offer additional bells and whistles, such as 24/7 veterinary helplines, to answer any questions you may have about your pet’s health. As another example, Figo offers the pet cloud app that helps pet owners keep track of their pet’s medical records and appointment schedules.

Discounts on pet insurance

To help pet owners keep costs down, insurers often offer pet insurance discounts, such as military discounts, annual payment discounts, and multi-pet discounts to insure more pets. an animal.

Wellness cover

Not all pet insurance companies offer wellness care coverage. If preventative care is an essential factor when purchasing a pet plan, research insurers that offer this type of coverage.

Direct payment from the veterinarian

Before submitting a pet insurance claim, you must pay the entire bill upfront. However, some pet insurance companies like Trupanion will pay the veterinarian directly if they have Trupanion’s unique treatment software. If you’re concerned about the financial burden of paying vet bills in the first place, you should look for companies that offer direct payment to vets.


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