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In Georgia, there are different laws governing pet ownership, such as:

  • All dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian.
  • All dogs classified as dangerous due to a vicious bite or attack must have registration certificates.
  • All dangerous dogs must also remain on the owner’s property unless restrained by a leash of six feet or less.
  • You must obtain an animal dealer’s license if your animal has more than one litter in the year.

In addition to state laws, local municipalities establish rules and regulations regarding the care of your pet. Here are some examples of local ordinances.

Columbus Pet Laws

Pet owners in Columbus, Georgia with dogs and cats four months and older must purchase a permit from the Special Law Enforcement Division/Animal Control Section of the Consolidated Government of Columbus .

When visiting public parks in Columbus, you must restrain your pet on a leash or maintain complete control over the animal.

female dogs are not allowed in public areas when in heat.

If you have more than six dogs and/or six cats six months or older, you must obtain a private or hobby kennel license if the sole purpose of ownership is to keep them as personal or family pets.

Augusta Pet Laws

Local law in Augusta, Georgia prohibits anyone from owning a dog or cat four months or older that has not been vaccinated against rabies. All dogs in public areas must be restrained by a leash or enclosure such as a vehicle or cage.

Cats or dogs found running around in public areas may be impounded at the Augusta-Richmond County Animal Control Department shelter.

Savanna Pet Laws

A vaccination and license tag is required for all dogs and cats four months or older in Savannah, Georgia. Any dog ​​or cat that receives a tag must wear it around their neck with a collar.

All dog owners should clean up feces on public property and dispose of it properly.

It is illegal for any pet owner to leave an animal unattended in an unventilated vehicle in Savannah.

Savannah residents are prohibited from owning more than eight cats unless all animals are still confined to the property’s living areas.

Anyone who cares for a stray animal is deemed responsible for the animal unless the rightful owner is located. Also, you can only provide care on your private property and not on the property of others or in public spaces.


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