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The best way to find a good price for pet insurance is to compare pet insurance quotes from several different insurance companies.

But there’s more to pet plans than just coverage and cost. Some insurance companies offer additional benefits and benefits to help you care for your pet. As a pet owner, exploring these benefits will point you to the best plan for your needs.

Waiting times

When you purchase a pet plan, most insurance companies specify a waiting period, or how long you must wait before coverage begins. Waiting periods vary by insurance company, so it’s best to compare options since wait times can vary from a day to a few weeks.

Keep in mind that some insurance companies apply extended waiting periods for specific conditions such as cruciate ligament issues.

24/7 veterinary helplines

Many pet insurance companies offer 24/7 veterinary help lines to answer all your questions and concerns about your pet’s health. The Veterinary Line can help you identify the best care options for your pet, whether your new puppy is vomiting at 3am or your cat has stopped eating for an extended period of time.

Ways to save

From multi-pet discounts to disappearing deductibles for healthy pets, some insurers offer ways to help you save on coverage. Ask each pet insurance company what savings opportunities are available when you apply for coverage.

Coverage of examination fees

Some pet insurance companies only pay the cost of the treatment, not the consultation fee for the diagnostic visit to the veterinarian. Look for companies that include exam fee coverage.

Pay the vet directly

When you submit a pet insurance claim, you usually pay the entire bill upfront. Your pet insurance company then reimburses you for the portion of the veterinary bill covered by your plan. Some companies, like Trupanion, pay the vet directly. If you’re not comfortable with a large vet bill, look for insurance companies that pay the vet directly.

Preventive Care Coverage

Keeping your pets healthy means making sure they receive preventative care, such as checkups and vaccinations. Some pet insurance companies allow you to add preventative care coverage for an additional fee.


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