Azealia Banks accuses ex-manager of controlling and manipulating her in response to defamation lawsuit


In new legal documents, ‘The Big Big Beat’ abductor accuses Prospect Park label boss Jeff Kwatinetz of posing as a ‘romantic suitor’ to ‘steal’ her.

Azaelia Banks has finally responded to the defamation lawsuit of his ex-manager Jeff Kwatinetz. In her filing, the ‘The Big Big Beat’ hitmaker accused label boss Prospect Park of controlling and manipulating her.

In new documents obtained by Rolling Stone on Thursday, December 9, the hip-hop star claimed: “[Kwatinetz] attempted to control and manipulate Banks into possibly robbing her, by charming the 23-year-old from Harlem and attempting to convince her that he loved her. -emails that he loved her, had sleepovers with her, and sent her gifts.”

“In these circumstances, the amount of the alleged costs and expenses is outrageous,” Banks’ counterclaim added. The 30-year-old kidnapper also alleged the company ‘refused’ to provide her with ‘support for virtually all expenses’.

Banks also alleged that Kwatinetz engaged in “blurring the lines between a fiduciary and a romantic suitor so he could financially benefit” from her. To back up his claim, the ‘212’ artist revealed that Kwatinetz once sent him an email detailing the end of his working relationship with the singer-songwriter. Kelly Clarkson.

“She fired me [because] unbeknownst to me, she was in love with me,” Kwatinetz allegedly wrote in the alleged email cited in the counter-complaint. “When I told her to start training because she had a lot of TV coming up, she realized I was called her fat and fired me.”

After Banks’ legal paperwork was filed, a representative for Kwatinetz said in a statement, “Ms. Banks is a talented artist, but she has been acting irresponsibly and dangerously for years.” The spokesperson added: “Ms. Banks’ counterclaim is without merit and is nothing more than a publicity stunt. Mr. Kwatinetz will assert his rights in court, where he will prove that the allegations of Mrs. Banks are false and defamatory.”

Kwatinetz first sued Banks for defamation and criminal harassment on September 24 last year. However, he decided to close the case in March this year. Then, on September 20, he filed a follow-up lawsuit with similar causes of defamation, commercial libel and harassment. He said he was threatening his wife and young child.

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