After Week 1 of Sandy Hook Trial, Alex Jones Files for Bankruptcy


Jones is already facing legal action from another Sandy Hook family for allegedly using bankruptcy filings to obstruct proceedings and hide her assets in a separate case.

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Infowars founder Alex Jones attends a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill, December 11, 2018, in Washington, DC (Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press/TNS)

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Right-wing provocateur Alex Jones filed for bankruptcy on Friday with Free Speech Systems, the parent company of his conspiratorial TV show Infowars, the Austin American statesman reported. The filing came at the end of the first week of trial in a defamation case filed against Jones by Sandy Hook’s parents in Austin, Texas.

Jones’ attorney, Andino Reynal, announced Free Speech System’s filing for bankruptcy in Austin District Court near the end of the trial Friday afternoon. Reynal stressed to Judge Maya Guerra Gamble that the filing would not delay the trial, saying the bankruptcy attorneys “have assured me that there will be no interference with the conduct of our trial.”

A hearing was scheduled for Monday in federal bankruptcy court in Houston to consider Jones’ motion that filing for bankruptcy does not hinder the next steps in Austin’s libel lawsuit, according to USA Today.

Lawyers for Sandy Hook’s parents in the ongoing Austin lawsuit have asked the jury to rule in favor of a $150 million damages payment Jones made to the parents last week, CNN reported.

This isn’t the first time Jones has filed for bankruptcy amid a defamation lawsuit from Sandy Hook. Earlier this year, another Sandy Hook family sued Jones for allegedly using bankruptcy filings to slow down the trial and hide assets the jury might otherwise award to the family.

Friday’s bankruptcy filing comes after a week in which Reynal and Jones have repeatedly attacked lawyers for Sandy Hook’s parents outside of normal trial procedure: Reynal turned his middle finger to a member of the parents’ legal team in the courtroom after the proceedings concluded on Thursday; Jones skipped the trial the following day to tape an episode of Infowars attacking the lawyers and Judge Gamble as malicious and corrupt agents of the “New World Order”.

Austin’s lawsuit is the latest in a series of libel lawsuits brought by parents of Sandy Hook victims against Jones in Texas and Connecticut. Jones owes millions in damages and legal penalties so far after lose those cases.

Judge Gamble has already issued a default ruling in favor of the parents that establishes Jones’ liability in the ongoing case after Jones and his legal team repeatedly failed to comply with the court’s pre-trial discovery process. . The Austin jury will only decide on how much Jones should pay the parents in damages.


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